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Aspirations of an Inspirational Tea Bag

Today is the day! I will make a difference! Inspirational Tea Bag waits patiently in her dark crowded, recyclable box. Every day she waits to be unwrapped, freed from her cellophane prison-certain of her power. She knows her one sentence of inspiration will truly make a difference. She feels it in every leaf of her being. Her small phrase on the thumb-size paper tag It is her purpose.

She hears the shuffle of slippered feet and a yawn, a toilet flush, it's a new morning, it's a new day, she is hopeful. She awaits, if patience is a virtue, she is the most virtuous. The familiar sounds of the faucet turned on, water filling the vessel that will bring her to life and the sweet crack crack of the burner being ignited. So much possibility lies in that sound, she can sense the flames underneath the kettle, today IS the day! Today she will change a life! She dreams of the myriad ways she will inspire today. Each word perfectly typed to invoke creativity, peace, calm or simply a smile. Ah! that floating soprano of the kettle calling out, here we go.

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A crack of light appears, she feels the weightlessness of being lifted, slightly shifting with her fellow tea-mates as they are transported from cabinet to counter. The cardboard cage is opened, the anticipation is thrilling, a hand quickly grazes her plastic shell-She is fulfilling her destiny! Will she duet with Milk, Sugar or her longtime friend, Honey? Perhaps Lemon will even make an appearance. An orchestra of taste that will create a beautiful performance for the special audience of one. Her thoughts her interrupted...the movement stops, the silence sets in. She's confused and the darkness descends, an empty feeling washes over her. She's been denied. Another was chosen. Was it another less qualified candidate with a blank tag? No words of love or happiness, a basic bitch. She hears the scoop and crunch her nemisis-Coffee. She hears the water pour into the french press, Coffee with their dark heart and even darker, uninspiring soul. Coffee who thinks they are so superior with their fair trade organic sourced supply of caffeine. What makes them so damn special? Coffee wins this morning. She accepts this, she is not petty or hateful, it is against her moral code. That's OK. Inspirational Tea Bag can wait. She knows her love and wisdom are endless.

There's always tomorrow....

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